Keen to get going on LinkedIn but struggling to know where to start?

I get it, I've. been there, and that's why I put together this course. Think of this is as a beginners guide, or an idiots guide, which ever you prefer... but the key thing is that it's simple, and it starts at the beginning...

Fancy some more insight into where you currently stand with your LinkedIn presence?

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I’ve built up over 20k connections, seen huge engagement on my posts, and generated hundreds of thousands of pounds for my business through the platform. Now, I’m going to teach you everything I’ve learnt in 4 years in just 4 hours.

“Hannah really helped me to clearly define my target market and align my LinkedIn profile and posts to my target group. As a result, I have won six new coaching clients in a few months and built up a good pipeline of leads. I appreciate Hannah”s driven approach, and, with her support, I have tried new strategies and products instead of my usual way where I get stuck in perfectionism and overthinking.

Jane Piper

Career & Exec. Coach

Everyone tells you that LinkedIn is the secret to growing your solo business, but you’re struggling with where to start. You’re posting regularly and making connections, but the business opportunities aren’t coming in. You see those around you achieving huge results, and you can’t understand how they’re making it happen.

You’re ready to...

Watch your post views rise.

Generate new business opportunities and connections.

Build a following of those who want to learn from you.

Be the person posting about these results.👇

Did you know that LinkedIn has…



active monthly users



users who post content



impressions every single week

So, how do you get a slice of the LinkedIn pie?

Well, like anything, there’s a formula; one that I’ve packaged up in my self-study programme

So, how do you get a slice of the LinkedIn pie?

Through a series of tutorial videos (and a detailed workbook), you’ll be guided through my five-module process to successfully launch and grow a personal brand on LinkedIn.

Once you’ve completed the course, you will have:

Clarity on your LinkedIn strategy, audience, niche and positioning, enabling you to finally understand how to succeed online

A strong profile that showcases who you are and what you do

A clear customer journey enabling you to turn strangers into followers and connections

A simple, repeatable content posting strategy which feels authentic to you and enables you to showcase your knowledge (without making you cringe!)

A system for attracting, connecting and managing new opportunities

Understanding of your analytics enabling you to test, learn and improve to find your sweetspot, taking out the guess work

A powerful habit, enabling you to consistently achieve your LinkedIn goals

In fact, LinkedIn is the easiest platform to get up and running (and maintain!), and it gives you a fantastic opportunity to directly reach out and connect with your target audience. There are no limits—starting is the hardest part—and that’s what I can help you with.

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“Hannah is one of the very best at what she does. Of the thousands of people I’ve worked with in the personal branding space, she’s right at the top”

Mike Jones

Founder of Beep2B

What will we cover?

Here’s how I’ll support you to launch and build your presence on LinkedIn

Building a personal brand on LinkedIn can be daunting, which is why Launch on LinkedIn focuses on output and action. To do so, I support you in executing the theory and strategies you’ll learn during the programme to get tangible results.

With this in mind, each session is designed to take just 1 hour, teaching simple, clear and actionable information that accelerates your personal brand on LinkedIn.

The below gives you an idea of what we’ll cover in each module, this is not exhaustive, this is just a few of the key themes at each stage:


We’ll start with an introduction to myself, why I taught LinkedIn and the 5 stage process for launching and growing your personal brand on LinkedIn. We’ll then look at some personal discovery, presenting an opportunity for self-reflection, where you’ll complete a deep-dive questionnaire about your brand. This information can help you clarify your ‘one thing’ before we start our journey.

  • Assessing where you are currently with your brand
  • Outlining your goals—where would you like to be?
  • Highlight the things that are motivating you and holding you back


This module is focused on strategy and your position on LinkedIn, looking at where you are currently and where you want to be. We’ll identify your short and long-term focus to build the right strategy for you.

  • Finding your core message
  • Discovering your niche—the thing that makes you unique
  • Setting your goals on the platform


This module looks at building your profile on LinkedIn to represent who you are and what you do.

  • Designing your customer journey
  • A guide to creating the perfect profile, including your about section, tagline, experience, testimonials and features
  • Aligning your profile with your message
  • Showcasing your brand in the best possible way


In this module, we’ll look at content creation and generating a strategy for your posts.

  • Focusing on ideation, content creation and systemising how you post your content
  • Developing a strategy to generate and publish content in 90 minutes per week
  • How to create high-quality content, covering hooks, copywriting and call to action


This module involves identifying your target audience and building a presence on LinkedIn.

  • Steps to increase your network and make meaningful connections
  • Templates enabling you to reach out to your target customer
  • Advice on how to connect with others, through your own content and by engaging in content produced by similar brands
  • Advice on automated tools
  • Exploring other ways to grow your brands, including LinkedIn events, groups and newsletters


Persist looks at how we can use analytics to inform our future content.

  • Understanding and optimising your analytics
  • Reviewing and ongoing interaction of content

Wrap up

Our final module will focus on your next steps.

  • Opportunities to connect with me by booking a 1:1 coaching call
  • A chance to upgrade to the SoloCEO course (only available to those who have completed this course)
  • Access to help and support for any problems you may encounter

You'll receive

I always think it’s nice to understand what you’re getting for your money. Below shows you everything I’ve padded this course out to help you achieve your goals.

Bitesize, actionable self study videos

I’m very passionate about accessible, actionable training so I’ve made my videos bitesize and very accessible

Notion workspace

I’ve designed a Notion workspace for you to house all of your worksheets, notes, templates and tools, meaning you only need to go to one place


I’ve put together a few of my favourite Notion tools including a Content Management System and Opportunity Tracker

Pre created templates

Sometimes, you just need to be given the answers. I’ve added in my top templates for content creation and outreach so you can use what works.

With the additional bonus of:

Exclusive interviews and never seen before trainings with LinkedIn experts

including Mike Jones, Founder of Beep2B, LinkedIn Lead Gen Expert. Patrick Collins, Founder of Prospect Labs, LinkedIn events experts & Steph Connolly, Founder of ReWrite, LinkedIn Ghost writer.

A digital copy of my book, The Power of You.

Fancy a bit of light reading to dig deeper into your brand? The Power of You will give you just that.

I've packed this course full of value, but it's yours for an affordable price

A one-time payment of


excludes VAT

6 monthly payments of


*excludes VAT

Meet Hannah

Hannah is a Personal Brand Coach who supports solo business owners to evolve into solo CEOs, with a focus on generating opportunities through LinkedIn. Over the past 4 years, Hannah has worked with hundreds of people to maximise their brand efforts on LinkedIn, as well as generating hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue herself. Hannah has worked with 400+ Entrepreneurs, Experts, Directors, and Employees, written a best-selling book, ‘The Power of You’, given a TEDx talk, and hosted her own podcast. She’s built up 20k connections on LinkedIn, and helped countless others to do the same.

“Hannah helps to give clarity as well as a clear, actionable plan which gets results. After only a few weeks of working with Hannah, I started to see the benefits with an increase in conversations with high-value prospects.”

Paul Morris MBE

Founder of Addmaster

Need some extra support, either during or after?

Join me for 1-1 Coaching or a fully done for you service in my personal brand consultancy, Launch on LinkedIn

Who is LOL for?

LOL is the ideal programme for people who

  • Are driven and motivated to succeed on LinkedIn
  • Are comfortable taking action weekly and can commit 90 minutes per day
  • Take responsibility for their own results

LOL is not for you if

  • You buy courses, but don’t finish them
  • You think someone is going to do the work for you
  • You can’t commit 90 minutes per week

“In a world that’s too full of theory, Hannah teaches action. She’s not just content with handing you a map. She’ll guide you along the path she’s travelled herself. So do yourself a favour. Follow her. Treasure awaits.”

Nick Warren

Consultant, Stories Mean Business Ltd

If you implement everything from the course and it doesn't work for you, you'll receive a full refund.

Still got some questions? Check out the FAQs below

Who is this course for?

Launch on LinkedIn is designed for solo business owners who want to build their brand and generate opportunities on LinkedIn. Although it is created for solo business owners, the content is applicable to anyone who wants to make an impact on the platform.

Why is building your brand on LinkedIn important?

LinkedIn is an incredibly versatile tool for business owners. It’s a low-cost and easy-to-use platform with an algorithm that’s straightforward to master when you know how. I’ve personally generated hundreds of thousands of pounds via LinkedIn, and I only spend about 90 minutes per week on it. Out of the 300 million active monthly users, only 3 million are posting. 3 million! That’s only 1%. Learning to utilise LinkedIn to its full potential is your opportunity to start generating life-changing results immediately.

What will I learn in this course?

You’ll learn the five pillars to succeed on LinkedIn, which are:

  • Position - A clear message, goal, and an understanding of what makes you unique
  • Profile - A strong profile which showcases who you are and what you do
  • Publish - A simple, consistent content strategy to connect and educate
  • Presence -A strong outreach and a willingness to generate opportunities
  • Persist - An understanding of your analytics and how to use them to move forward
Is the course for beginners only?

Launch on LinkedIn is for those beginning their journey on the platform or those already up and running on LinkedIn who are not generating the level of opportunity that they’d like to.

What qualifies you to teach me about this?

Over the last 4 years, I’ve grown my brand and solo business—plus a rock-solid LinkedIn strategy. I’ve worked with hundreds of people to maximise their brand efforts on LinkedIn, as well as generating hundreds of thousands of pounds in revenue myself. What’s more, I’ve grown my following and connections to over 20k connections on LinkedIn and helped countless clients through coaching, teaching, and my ‘done for you’ services.

I’ve seen LinkedIn courses selling for 3-4 times the price of this one. Why is this one cheaper? Is this a ‘light’ version of those courses?

My mission is to support small business owners like myself to relieve some of the stress and strain that I experienced when first launching my brand and business online. I focus on information rather than production—I don’t pad out my courses with unnecessary details or decoration and a high price tag. Instead, I get straight to the point of how I can help you to succeed as efficiently as possible. My business model is designed in a way that I don’t need to charge high prices for courses—low-priced courses have been my saviour throughout my business journey, and now I want to do the same for others.

What are those courses charging for that yours doesn’t have?

My approach is high information and low production. This means that I don’t spend hours packaging a course to be the most beautiful thing in the world because that will not help you to learn. Instead, I focus my time and energy—directly from my home studio to your computer screen— on creating a high-information course based on my own experiences. My mission is to share what I’ve learned with others about maximising the potential of LinkedIn as a solo business owner.

I don’t have a website yet. Do I need one?

You don’t need a website to enroll in the course. As part of your Launch on LinkedIn journey, you’ll gain clarity about your brand, which will help you when creating or editing your website later (I also have a course on website building if you fancy it!)

I don’t know my niche yet. Can I still do this course?

Yes! Launch on LinkedIn is specifically designed to help you find your niche and a brand message that sets you apart. As part of your enrolment, you’ll also be given access to my Start a Movement with your Message course, encouraging you to dive deep into finding your niche.

What if I’m not a business owner but still want to learn to build my LinkedIn? Will this work for me?

While Launch on LinkedIn is targeted at business owners, the programme suits anybody who wants to build an audience on LinkedIn.

How much time should I dedicate to my LinkedIn per week to see results?

I recommend spending a minimum of 90 minutes weekly on your LinkedIn strategy. Like anything, the more time you dedicate, the faster you’ll see results.

When will I see results?

The answer to this question entirely depends on how much work you can put in. If you’ve got great self-awareness and a strong understanding of your brand, you’ll start seeing results quickly.
Take my example of Trevor from above, who saw fantastic results from his very first post. Depending on your level of dedication and focus, seeing results on LinkedIn can take a couple of months—it’s really down to how much you can give.

What is your return policy?

I offer a 30-day action based money-back guarantee. If you do the work on the Launch on LinkedIn programme and don’t feel it's working for you, I will refund your money—that’s how confident I am about the programme!

Do I have a time limit to complete the course?

There’s no time limit. Once you sign up for Launch on LinkedIn, you’ll be given lifetime access. I do, however, suggest trying to complete the course within 6 weeks, but if that’s not achievable for you, then you can take it at a slower pace.

Does the course help me build my own social strategy?

Yes. There are additional resources available to help you build a social strategy. Once the course is completed, you’ll have the opportunity to join The SoloCEOs Circle to help further develop your brand.

Are there any additional resources or groups for accountability as I go through the process?

Once the course is completed, you can join The SoloCEO Circle, with group coaching calls, 1-1 coaching, daily Slack access and more. This will support you to build accountability and make connections. You can also book a 121 session with me at any point during your journey, where we can deep dive into the areas you’re struggling with, working together to build a rock-solid strategy.

How do I enroll today?

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Launch on LinkedIn will transform your solo business.

It's time to start generating the opportunities you deserve.

A one-time payment of


excludes VAT

6 monthly payments of


*excludes VAT

I offer a 30-day, action-based refund.

This means if you’ve completed the work and it hasn’t worked for you,

you’ll receive your money back.

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