Discover your true potential, unleash your personal brand and create the life you deserve

Start a Movement With Your Message is an 8-week, on demand programme that supports you with the clarity, consistency and confidence you need to launch your personal personal brand.

Using my proven 7 step system, we’ll work to define your message, tell your story and launch your online presence.

“Hannah helps to give clarity as well as a clear, actionable plan which gets results. After only a few weeks of working with Hannah, I started to see the benefits with an increase in conversations with high-value prospects.”

Paul Morris MBE | Founder of Addmaster

Are you feeling called to share your message and launch a personal brand which feels aligned to you and your values?

Are you preparing for a transformation in your life and business/career but aren’t actually sure of the right steps to take?

Do you want to go in a new direction, knowing that you’re meant for more?

Are you full of ideas and passion but unsure how to move into action?

Then you’re in the right place…

I’m on a mission to support impact-driven women with a purpose to finally step into their light, move through procrastination, fear and overwhelm and launch their brand online.

There has never been a better time to grow your personal brand online, with more and more people searching for new solutions and new people to learn from and be inspired by.

Having spent 5 years working as a personal brand coach, with a HUGE range of clients, from a CEO of a billion a year company, to coaches just starting out, to software engineers on a mission to change their industry, to sex therapists looking to make a change, I can testify that EVERYONE has a message worth sharing.

But how can we go from ideas into action...? Well, that’s where Start a Movement comes in...





on your niche, audience and message, enabling you to finally move forward



that makes a positive impact and is consistent across all platforms, enabling you to tell your story, your way



with a social media strategy which excites you rather than drains you as well as your fully designed brand identity



having tapped into your ‘personal brand mindset’, finally show up as you know you can online



to continue serving the world in the best way you can, without having to spend hours posting and signing up to various webinars

“Hannah enables you to articulate who you are, what you stand for and what value you bring, in a simple, concise and engaging manner, which has a real impact on your market. She quite simply challenges you to be your best version of yourself, to really define your niche and then empowers you to own it, that you have clarity and consistency, resulting in an impactful and authentic brand that wins you business. I have already increased my network and won customers as a direct result.”

Kim-Adele Platts | FInstLM & Board Advisor


Here’s how I’ll support you to become a known voice online

Building a personal brand is time-consuming, which is why Start a Movement With Your Message focuses on output and action. To do so, I support you in executing the theory and strategies you’ll learn during the programme to get tangible results.

With this in mind, each session is designed to take just 1 hour, teaching simple, clear and actionable information that accelerates your personal brand.

I’m not going to deliver theory that overwhelms you, but instead support you to take action and start getting results.

Module 1 - Week 1 - Discovery

A strong programme starts with a strong foundation, before we start on the personal brand journey we will spend some time doing some self reflection, setting goals, visualising our dreams and identifying any blockers.

Here we will set up habits and activities to help you to realise your goals.

Module 2 - Week 2 - Clarity

This module begins with finding clarity: what is your message? What drives you to make a difference? What values do you live by? A powerful personal brand is fully aligned with your beliefs, so it’s essential to be clear on what these are.

We’ll cover:

  • Your core values, which will define the direction of your brand and life
  • Your mission, your ‘why’ and your vision for your work
  • Defining your USP and overall style
Module 3 - Week 3 - Credibility & Customer

Who is your audience? Where are they in the world? What are their dreams and desires? How can you specifically serve them? Module 3 defines the target market for your personal brand.

We’ll cover:

  • Your ideal client/audience
  • Their desires and aspirations
  • Their pain points
  • Demographics and psychographics to make sure you really understasnd them
  • Key purchase drivers

We also look at your credibility, building a picture of you, your experience and the unique characteristics that make you who you are. We’ll identify what you’ve done so far and what else you can do to increase credibility in your space.

We’ll cover:

  • What you love to do and what you’re best at
  • The type of people you really want to help
  • What your unique message really is, so you can stand out from the crowd
Module 4 - Week 4 - Communication

How will you communicate everything you’ve done so far? When people search for you, it needs to be clear precisely what you do and how you can help them. Module 4 supports you in creating your slogan, taglines and mission statement to be consistent across all platforms.

We’ll cover:

  • Your core message
  • Your slogan and tagline
  • Your customer statement that you’ll use across all platforms
  • The profiles & bios you need to create (and which platforms you’ll use them for)
  • Writing and sharing your story (because there’s no better way to connect with your audience)
Module 5 - Week 5 - Collateral

We’ll use this module to work on your visual branding, social media profiles and logos. These are all the lovely visuals that will turn you into a powerful personal brand. I’ll teach you how to use canva like a pro.

We’ll cover:

  • Your brand style
  • Designing your logo and any icons you want to use (yes, by the end of this module you’ll have your OWN brand identity, saving you from spending thousands with a designer)
  • Your colour scheme and fonts
  • Your social media headers, pinpointing the keywords and images you want to use
  • Planning and desigining your photoshoot
  • Mapping out and writing your personal brand website, ready for build
Module 6 - Week 6 - Content

The digital world means we have the power to make an impact immediately, whether that’s creating a YouTube account, launching a podcast, sharing your story on Instagram or sending a tweet. You’ll need to communicate your message through content, create a content plan and build a strategy.

We’ll cover:

  • Creating a content strategy which excites you, enabling you to share your message
  • How to create content using a framework which helps you to create repeatable success
  • How to use Ai to speed up your content creation and maximise your growth
  • I’ve even created some templates for Instagram and LinkedIn, saving you thinking and creating time so you can GO
Module 7 - Week 7 - Channels

Which social media platform shall I build my brand on? This is the question everyone asks - so we’re going to answer it!

We’ll cover:

  • Where you want to post and when, centred around what excites you, rather than what is ‘popular’
  • Create a social media posting schedule (using themes that work alongside your brand
  • How to become consistent so you can grow sustainabily
Module 8 - Week 8 - Connect

Module 8 focuses on connecting with your audience so you can either turn them into engaged followers or clients through setting up automated systems.

We’ll cover:

  • Your customer journey
  • The foundations of your initial lead magnet and funnel
  • Creating your email onboarding sequence
  • Build out a plan for how your audience will find you
  • Setting up on calendly for those looking to create new clients for their personal brand
  • We’ll finish by creating a 12 month plan enabling you to execute consistently




... viral content and huge growth on a variety of social media platforms...

... become government advisors as well as one achieving an MBE whilst working with my team and I

... built coaching, community and consulting businesses after gaining clarity and direction with their brand

.... and through building my brand, I have been able to build my business to 6 figures, write a best selling book, become a professional speaker, work location independent and launch a growing podcast and audience



We’ll work together during this 8-week accelerator to lay the foundations of your powerful personal brand, guiding you towards a life that you’re genuinely excited about.

... viral content and huge growth on a variety of social media platforms...

Weekly bitesize training sessions teaching you the 7 step Start a Movement System

I’ve created easily digestible video training that you can complete in your own time. This means you can choose when and where you do your learning without being overwhelmed by long videos and too much theory.

Every week you’ll gain access to a new module that should take you approximately 1-2 hours to work through.

I also regularly create new trainings, which you’ll get first access to!

Your own Notion workspace

I create a personalised Notion workspace for each trainee so that you have one place for co-creation and workbooks (rather than losing track of countless pdfs!).

You can also use your Notion space to tick off your goals so far, write notes and organise your ideas.

Project planner to keep you on track

Organisation is everything during the initial stages of building a powerful personal brand. I’ll provide you with a project planner to write down your goals and tasks so that you stay on track throughout the process.

Pre created templates & guides

I have a library of pre-created templates and guides for you, so you don’t have to waste precious time on project management. You’ll have access to ready-made content planners, as well as podcast launch, content and profile guides (the guides I use personally).

Extra bonuses

✔ My book, ‘The Power of You’

✔ Pre-made ebooks, including Social Media Profile Guide and 79 Content Ideas

✔ The opportunity to upgrade to 1:1 coaching sessions with Hannah as well as working with her team

LIMITED TIME BONUS - Access to my LinkedIn course (worth £195!)

This course teaches you everything I did which enabled me to build my business to multi 6 figures on LinkedIn alone.

Taking you through 5 modules (Position, Profile, Publish, Presence & Persist) this course will transform your understanding of LinkedIn so you can finally take charge of your career or business.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS - interview & training with Tj Power

I am SO excited that my brother Tj (and previous client!) agreed to let me question him for all of the insights on how to grow a HUGE social media following.

Tj has grown his Instagram to 250k in just 2 years and we’re going to be learning all about his strategy, learnings and approach.

Never shared before ANYWHERE (the perks of being a Power...)



Support from a like-minded network of individuals who are on the journey with you. We share techniques, methods and knowledge that has worked for each of us so far.


I guide you on your journey, giving you the much-needed support and accountability on-demand during the 8-week accelerator.


Tried and tested tools, resources and strategies that I’ve used myself and with 300+ entrepreneurs so far.


Gain access to my partner network of Designers, Copywriters, Social Media Managers, Web Developers and Marketing Specialists at a discounted rate.


I move through your personal branding journey with you, providing you with real-time support from my own learnings and experiences.




*all prices exclude VAT
for UK residents



*all prices exclude VAT

for UK residents

I offer a 30-day, action-based refund.

This means if you’ve completed the work and it hasn’t

worked for you, you’ll receive your money back.

“I was recommended Hannah's course on personal branding- something I'd have run a mile to avoid not so long ago. But any misgivings were soon dismissed as Hannah delivered her no-nonsense practical and laser-focused approach and perfectly formed nuggets of wisdom. Hannah is truly wise beyond her years and delivers outstanding, authentic value.”

Dr Dominic Tantram | Founding Partner Terrafiniti


Start a Movement With Your Message is not right for everyone. Because of this, I want to ensure the right people are on the course and you’re not wasting your time undergoing training that doesn’t fit you and your specific needs. This way, I can create a community of people on the same wavelength who can support each other on their personal branding journey.


  • Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Small-Business Owners, Founders, CEOs, and Employees who are at the beginning of launching their personal brand or are relaunching their brand.

    WHO WANT TO...
  • Discover their message.
  • Gain clarity on what they want to be known for.
  • Build a personal brand to complement their business or alongside their current role.
  • Accept responsibility for their results.
  • Take action on the work they do during the course.



  • Are only focused on growing and gaining followers.
  • Want someone to do the work for them.
  • Can’t take responsibility for their results.
  • Need to be handheld through the journey.
  • Don’t have the time to do the work and make excuses.

The Start a Movement With Your Message accelerator is an interactive, dynamic course designed for those looking to gain clarity on their ‘one thing’. I’m here to guide you on that journey and give you the support and accountability you need to reach your goals. I’m not here to do the work for you or get you on the cover of Forbes (and it would be impossible to promise this in the first place!).

If you feel you need 1-1 support there is the opportunity to upgrade within the programme, I have a limited number of 121 spots per week, however do my best to serve everyone in the programme.

“I have learned so much in this course and have gained so much clarity whereas before I was struggling. She is very generous with her content, and her easy but very effective teaching style is a must for anyone looking at setting up their own business, or who already have a business but are lacking clarity in how to market it.”

Henrietta Brice-Smith | Founder of SOMA - Bodimind Evolution


Still got some questions? Check out the FAQs below

1. Is this a group programme or 121?

Start a Movement is a group programme, created through 5 years of working as a 121 coach, running an agency and building my own personal brand. It has been set up to help you to achieve the same results as my 121 programme (that’s why I’ve been working on it for so long!)

2. How long will it take?

Each module takes 1-2 hours a week to complete. I suggest this as a minimum time commitment for building a successful brand online.

3. How advanced do I need to be? Do I need any other knowledge?

No, you just need passion and the ability to dig deep into your thoughts and ideas. This programme has been designed for beginners or intermediates needing a refresh.

4. How long do I have access?

Great question! You have course access forever, so you can return to any of the modules whenever you need. You will have access to the group sessions, the power groups and the community for 12 weeks, this will give you time to complete the modules, even if something comes up in your life! After this, you have the option to upgrade to stay as a part of the group if you’d like to keep benefiting from the extra support!

5. I don't know my niche or where to start

Good! That's what this course is for - supporting you to find out the all-important details of your personal brand, before you start posting on social media.

6. How long will I have access to the course?

Forever, you can access this course for as long as you like. The access to the calls and group slack channel is limited to your 8 weeks on the programme, however we can extend this if anything changes in your life. Our commitment is to you.

7. Do you have a refund policy?

I believe this course is the most powerful tool in building and launching your personal brand. However, if you can show me that you’ve undertaken the course, taken action, attended the calls and been present on your journey and don’t feel you’ve built a brand you’re happy with, I offer a full refund.



✔ The power of a coach who wants to support her clients to achieve their goals.

✔ The power of an entrepreneur who is driven to teach others everything he's learned.

✔ The power of a CEO living out their dream as an author.

✔ The power of an employee who wants to launch their own purpose-driven brand.

✔ The power of a marketing specialist who pivots their brand to deliver impactful services.

I’m a personal branding coach with a mission

To bring as many inspiring, impact-driven leaders into the world through the power of ‘being known’ online. I have worked with 500+ Entrepreneurs, Experts, Directors and Employees, teaching and coaching them to navigate online business, social media and the mind.

My goal is to drive you to start a movement with your message, building a personal brand around your story so that you can create a life of freedom, impact and opportunity.





*all prices exclude VAT
for UK residents



*all prices exclude VAT
for UK residents

I offer a 30-day, action-based refund.

This means if you’ve completed the work and it hasn’t

worked for you, you’ll receive your money back.

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